Protection Always

During our involvement with building projects over the past 40 years ago we have talked the talk with consultants, contractors, and tradespeople to understand what you want.
Everyone needs design that makes any piece of equipment simple and efficient to install and prevent any call-backs.

With a team that has been on the tools we understand the frustrations of the elements, the hold-ups, the short supply, and the inefficiencies that don’t let you get the job done right the first time.

At Avantage We Are

Empathetic – we are committed to giving our customers the best experience. We do this by understanding their needs, wants and working with them for the best outcome.

Friendly – we speak sincerely and with a smile. We are always optimistic and carry a ‘can do’ attitude across everything we do.

Knowledgeable – With experience, we speak with authority, clarity, and wisdom. We have the confidence and give our customers peace of mind knowing that we have a long history and product knowledge.

Our Purpose

Protection by design

If we can engineer protection that is modular and flexible, yet bespoke enough for specific projects, we have achieved ‘protection by design’

Our Vision


Just one word – no one should lose sleep concerned about interference to their essential assets and equipment.




We are a committed team uniting key stakeholders, customers, suppliers, and staff. Commitment amongst trained achievers delivers goals.



We are reliable and will respond to any request. Reliable organisations sell great products, on time, always.



We will respond energetically, quickly and we value hard work. Energy produces movement, and movement in the right direction creates great results.



We value loyalty and put trust in people. Loyalty results in positive reciprocal outcomes across our business community.



Every idea is a good idea and worthy of consideration. Innovation fuels advancement, design and sustainability.