In a world crying out for answers to issues of energy efficiency, global warming, and climate change, Avantage is committed to embrace best practice environmental and ecological principles in the design and manufacture. We share your environmental concerns.

Sustainability Vision

  • Committed to develop the sustainable economy.

Sustainability Goals

  • To deliver products that are completely safe during their service life and enhance the environmental performance of the building.
  • Offer our whole product range as objectively and measurably as possible.
  • Develop further innovative, renewable and zero impact products to fulfil (or uphold) our commitment (or dedication) to responsible, sustainable practices.

green leaf in a lightbulb representing clean environment

clean ocean with calm waves washing against the shore

Sustainability Actions

  • Develop a life cycle inventory that will consistently inform and guide product development and communicate and educate our leading practices to architects and specifiers so that they can learn and contribute to sustainable built environments.

Sustainability Goals

  • Use data to identify and reduce embodied energy and waste in our products and look for opportunities to substitute with lower impact materials.
  • Reduce our manufacturing waste and look for opportunities to use post-consumer waste.
  • Ensure all product development is guided by sustainable best practices.

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