Avantage air conditioning protection cage

Why we offer Powdercoated Cages

Steel needs protecting from the elements otherwise rust sets in.

Over the past 25 years powdercoating has developed as a protection, initially for indoor use as a coating that gives a uniform and aesthetically pleasing finish in a variety of colours and surface finishes.

More recently, powdercoating has been accepted as an outdoor coating.  The best example is steel fencing – around domestic pools, and for commercial and industrial property security. Take a visit to your local industrial estate and most properties have steel security fencing with automatic gates, all powder coated and withstanding the weather 24/7.

When designing our range of protection cages, Avantage researched many options for the final coating and settled on the powdercoated range as the one most suited to the average installation.  It gives great appearance, blending well with most external décor, it is cost effective, and give good life expectancy.

If there are specific installation requirements where the salt levels in the air may be very high or there is a high risk of chipping the external coating, there could possibly be a requirement for a different specific coating, but the cost of this may outweigh even the replacement cost of a cage every 10-15 years.