Air conditioning unit protected by avantage cage

Why Protect Your Equipment

PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) is common terminology, but what about APE (Asset Protection Equipment)?

With the high cost of capital equipment, it is common to install permanent protection around exposed assets as a key long-term strategy.

When constructing a new building or warehouse, or revamping existing plant and facilities, astute managers will have gone to exhaustive lengths to install the right equipment for the application.

The possibility of accidental damage, targeted damage or theft involves a risk assessment with the two critical considerations.

  1. The cost of replacement. With supply shortages, can like-for-like equipment be sourced, will there be excessive time delays, excess freight costs, and after-hours installation charges.
  2. The costs associated with downtime and lost productivity.  Labour, staff confidence and customer dissatisfaction can often exceed the equipment cost.

Take for example, a water meter and backflow prevention device, disappearing and sold for scrap value.

Production deferred for days, workers sent home because of inadequate sanitary facilities and modifications made to the main water pipe system to incorporate a different brand installation.

Or the aircon unit that got damaged by the neighbourhood skateboard riders. No ventilation for the office workers, more work from home applications and a whole system upgrade because the refrigerant gas of the new equipment is not compatible with the existing air handling unit.

Physical protection of assets has a whole new meaning.