Protection for Solar Equipment

Solar is unquestionably a great alternative energy source, and with many systems now successfully installed, there is continued development to make it widely applicable to all building structures.

We are seeing continuous improvement with solar panels, mounting systems, wiring looms, inverters, batteries, controls, and software.

There is also continued analysis on the cost vs savings, the long-term return on investment, and the maintenance and replacement cycle cost.

In the current societal change, along with sustainability, we have the other significant concern of security.

Significant capital funds are invested in solar infrastructure, yet much of this equipment is exposed to the risk of the environmental damage, wilful vandalism, theft and tamper and accidental damage which not only requires maintenance and replacement, but also can render buildings unusable when essential services are interrupted.

Recent developments have seen products released to the market to provide varying levels of protection related to the solar industry.  Sheet metal, aluminium and polycarbonate covers are available for inverters and batteries which are designed to protect from the weather and give an aesthetic covering.

Where an installation requires protection from wilful vandalism, theft, or accidental damage, Avantage Australia have a modular range of steel frame, wire mesh cages for inverters and batteries.  By careful design, these modular protection cages provide the answer to protecting equipment installed in public buildings, or wherever assets can be accessed by unauthorised personnel.

With a range of standard sizes, these protection cages are strong, fast to install, can be wall or floor mounted, and have removable panels for service access. With zinc and powdercoat corrosion protection they are ideally suited for external or internal applications.

The team at Avantage have been involved with building projects over the past 40 years ago, and having worked with consultants, contractors, and tradespeople, they understand that every item going to site needs to be simple, durable, and fast to install, without any call-backs.

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