Ducted Vac Protection 1

Protection for Ducted Vacuum Equipment

Ducted Vacuum systems are ideal for both residential and commercial cleaning.
The main unit can be installed indoor or outdoor and needs to be accessible to be emptied and for servicing.
Some installations, especially in commercial settings, may need protection from vandalism, while other installations may be a safety hazard for persons passing by.
A simple answer is a protection cage.
The standard Avantage protection cage is the ideal answer with removable panels for access, rounded corners for safety and double corrosion resistant coating suitable for indoor or outdoor installations.
The most common sizes for this application are:
ACC800 600w x 400d x 800h
ACC1200 600w x 400d x 1200h
ACB800 600w x 600d x 800h
ACB1200 600w x 600d x 1200h