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Avantage Lighting Cage

Lighting & Electrical Protection Cage ACL4545

$285.60 Ex GST
Dimensions: 450 × 450 × 450 mm
Water Meter & Backflow Prevention Cage

Water Meter & Backflow Prevention Cage ACB1600

$670.00 Ex GST
Dimensions: 600 × 600 × 1600 mm
Airconditioning Security Protection Cage

Airshield Condenser Cage ACA1200

$611.70 Ex GST
Dimensions: 1150 × 600 × 1200 mm
Avantage school air conditioner protection


Airconditioning Condensers installed at ground level, on a roof top or wall hung, need protection. Inadvertent damage, vandalism and theft is very inconvenient and expensive. The Avantage modular range gives the options for a simple solution and quick installation for new and existing equipment


Gas Meters, Water Meters and Backflow Prevention Devices are just some of the essential Plumbing items that need protection. An Avantage protection cage can be installed vertically against a wall, or horizontally to cover ground level meters and even back-to-back for stand-alone installations. The modular design allows unlimited length for long RPZ. Solutions to help you avoid the costly downtime by protecting this essential equipment.

Avantage office air conditioner protection
Avantage office plumbing cage protector

Hot Water

Outdoor Instantaneous Hot Water Units and storage Hot Water Systems, especially in public buildings or schools can be subject to misuse and need protection while still being accessible for servicing and maintenance. The Avantage modular range gives the building owner the options to protect equipment that is essential to hygiene and human comfort.


Electrical equipment such as inverters and control boards are not always located in secure indoor plantrooms. They may be subject to sports accidental damage, or the added protection may be needed to prevent unauthorised personnel interfering or harming themselves. Check the Avantage range for a solution.

Avantage office electrical equipment protection

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